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Birch Flute

$22.00$22.00 Birch Flute

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 Combining the translucent papery effects of birch bark with its more noticeable white and black accents, Birch is adorned with a heart "carved" into it.
The tall slender stem makes for an elegant toasting glass. Birch trees and champage! nature meets the toast to a new beginning…..
 The heart can be personalized at no additional charge, the inscription is up to you…."LOVE", "YOU", initials or names…..
 Please be specific with your personalization requests!

examples: "WT + DC", "DAVE + DIANE"*, "MAINE", etc.

 * because of the shape of the heart, the shorter name will be placed above the longer one.  There is a limit of 8 characters per name.

Tees's collection is a one stop solution for me as an event manager. And my clients love Bridal Bouquet Martini Glass especially. Thank you for such amazing work.
Miss RithikaMiss Rithika
" HEARTS N TARTS DIVA APRON" it is absolutely a great gift for your loved ones
I love purple tulip flute
Miss RithikaMiss Rithika
I love this Tickled Pink Diva Apron gown very much
I liked Bride and Groom Champagne Flutes and i feel that it was for my event. Guests admired it too. You made my day.
Nice shop!