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Brite Martini Glass


www.teespurplemartinishop Brite martini glass

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An eclectic and mind-boggling mix of interwoven lines and curves in six mesmerizing colors.
Blue, purple, green, red, orange and yellow all mix and meet to create this completely unique design which is never exactly the same twice!
Brite makes a bold and vivid impression in any setting as well as a wonderful conversation starter. Each glass is hand painted at the time of your order so please allow some time.

 The "Brite" Martini has a capacity of 10 oz

I love purple tulip flute
Nice shop!
Miss RithikaMiss Rithika
" HEARTS N TARTS DIVA APRON" it is absolutely a great gift for your loved ones
I liked Bride and Groom Champagne Flutes and i feel that it was for my event. Guests admired it too. You made my day.
Tees's collection is a one stop solution for me as an event manager. And my clients love Bridal Bouquet Martini Glass especially. Thank you for such amazing work.
Miss RithikaMiss Rithika
I love this Tickled Pink Diva Apron gown very much