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Turquoise Wildfire Belt


lolita martini glass and hand made martini t-shirt

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Medium New with tags, Turquoise leather belt with  Swarovski Crystals and studs all over the belt made by Wild Fire Belts, looks great with a great pair of jeans, boots or high heel shoes. Please email me with questions before bidding. 

Lay a belt that you currently own on a flat surface and measure the distance from the "Pin" or "Prong" where it intersects with the upper inside of the buckle, down to the 3rd or middle hole towards the opposite end.  Or, measure to the "Current" hole that you are using.  This distance is the size that you will need to fit properly. Be sure to take into account "Where" you are going to wear this belt.  Will it be on your Waist or down on your "Hip'?  It is rare that one size belt will work for both.

Tees's collection is a one stop solution for me as an event manager. And my clients love Bridal Bouquet Martini Glass especially. Thank you for such amazing work.
I liked Bride and Groom Champagne Flutes and i feel that it was for my event. Guests admired it too. You made my day.
I love purple tulip flute
Miss RithikaMiss Rithika
" HEARTS N TARTS DIVA APRON" it is absolutely a great gift for your loved ones
Miss RithikaMiss Rithika
I love this Tickled Pink Diva Apron gown very much
Nice shop!